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The Discipline of Giving

Each year, we tithe from all the money we raise in Student Ministries.  We believe it’s important to model good stewardship to our youth.  This year we had $320 from Scrip to tithe.  Here’s what the youth decided:

We did the division as part of our Encountering God series where we’ve been looking at spiritual disciplines.  We wrap up this weekend with prayer.


The Best I Can Do or The Best God Can Do?

Read an interesting quote in Wild Goose Chase today:

When I fail to give, the best I can do is the best I can do. I am keeping God out of the equation of my finances.  But when I tithe, I am standing on the promises of God. And in my experience, God can do more with 90 percent that I can do with 100 percent.

I think I want God’s best more than I want my best.

Tithing wasn’t always easy for me.  Jaime was much more into it than I was when we first got married, so we did it because she was pushing us to.  Now we’re on the Simply Giving program at church, which means our tithe is done every week as an EFT from our checking account.  I honestly can’t say I’ve missed that money.  I like it for a number of reasons:

  • It’s easy.  Fill out the form and you’re all set.
  • It’s a solid commitment.  At first I thought it was somehow giving up my responsibility in writing a check to the church every week.  It felt too automated to me.  But now I see it as an even more solid commitment to tithing.  I can’t just change the amount one week because it looks like we’ll needing that money for something else now.
  • It’s consistent.  Even when I miss church, I’m still giving.  I don’t have to remember if I wrote a double check that first week back.
  • It helps the church plan.  They know they’re getting a consistent amount of money each week.

If you’d like to sign up for Simply Giving, give Tim Hartnett a call at church and he’ll hook you up.

Bon-Ton Community Day

The final numbers are in from the 2nd Bon-Ton Community Day fundraiser that we did in February.  We sold 200 books between the church, our friends/families and at the store the day of the sale.  Bon-Ton tells us our cut of the register sales is $775.  So our grand total is $1,775 on the event.  Our tithe is $105 from the church/store portions of the sale.  We’ll decide on March 30 where that goes.  This brings our total to approximately $3,000 between the two Community Days.  Definitely worth doing again!