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The (Dying) Church Website

May I propose something crazy? Church websites as we know them may be dying. They’ll still be necessary, even useful, but I don’t see them lasting in their current form, at least as they exist for most churches.  I’ve been thinking about this since I purchased jasonthedce.com

What if a church’s website were something like my digital business card?  What if it provided only basic information about itself to visitors, but then linked to numerous sites where you can connect with others in the church online?  Should the church have a Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, MySpace, Blog or other social networking tool where people can connect with real people from the church?  The church is the people after all, is it not?  Seems like it might be worthwhile.  It might be extremely beneficial for members to connect and grow closer together as well.

It’s not coming tomorrow, but maybe in the next few years as social media penetrates more and more sectors of our life and with the increasing number of truly smart phones that blend the PC and phone experience into one (see Google Android, Apple iPhone and Blackberry Storm for just a few examples). 


Staying Connected

I’m preaching this week on “helping yourself”, which is a bit of a paradox.  You have a chance to influence the sermon!  I’m looking for interesting ways that people can stay connected to the Body of Christ.  Could be ways to stay connected to the church as an entity (subscribe to FT News) or connecting with others (Let’s do lunch!). 

So what ideas do you have for staying connected?