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Weekend Wrapup

It’s been a very busy—and good—weekend.  I spent Saturday morning with Abby, Anna and Randy at the Bon-Ton selling coupon books, plus saw some of Heide as she was shopping.  (Glad she was there because I wanted a new shirt/tie and have no fashion sense, so Heide helped pick out the one I was wearing Sunday.)  We sold 46 books in 2 hours on Saturday morning, plus we sold 14 on Friday evening at the store.  Not bad. 

Then it was off to church to finish getting ready to preach on the Trinity.  It’s funny how God works.  I wasn’t entirely happy with the sermon because I felt there was so much more to get into but there just wasn’t time.  Yet I got more people talking to me about this one being great stuff than any other it seems.  The Spirit must have been transforming my words between my mouth and everyone’s ears.  🙂

After worship, I stopped by the Scrip table to help Pam close up shop.  It took a long time because we sold almost $8,000 worth of Scrip.  No, really.  Our previous high was probably not quite half that.  The last order we placed gave us a 7.9% return rate.  This one should be lower because there were a lot of Wegman’s cards in there.  But even at a conservative 3%, we’ll still make $240 in profits.  That’s more than a third of the cost of a Workcamp trip.  Awesome stuff!

Next I left for the Stone’s house to do rooted. A strange day with many of the youth suffering from sleep deprivation because of some sleepovers resulting in late nights.  Still, fun to be with them.  Then there was a quick dinner with the Stone family before our Life Group meeting, which was also a fun time.  It was the first time our entire group was together in months.


Bon-Ton Community Day

The final numbers are in from the 2nd Bon-Ton Community Day fundraiser that we did in February.  We sold 200 books between the church, our friends/families and at the store the day of the sale.  Bon-Ton tells us our cut of the register sales is $775.  So our grand total is $1,775 on the event.  Our tithe is $105 from the church/store portions of the sale.  We’ll decide on March 30 where that goes.  This brings our total to approximately $3,000 between the two Community Days.  Definitely worth doing again!