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Happy Birthday Jaime!

Jaime turns 31 today.  Leave your well-wishes in the comments!


Sunny Days, Keeping The Clouds Away

It’s beautiful outside. I know that because I have an office with a window now. I’ve nearly completed the move to my new office between Sue and Pastor Chuck. I really like the setup, but as I feared, sunny days carry with them a slight problem, most notably in the late afternoon. The sun is streaming in on my monitors, causing awful glare. I’m willing to live with it, of course. I just need to get used to it.

Jason’s New Office

Tim was kind enough to buy me a writing desk so I have a flat surface to pile things on. Alicia doesn’t think I can keep it clean until she returns from vacation on Tuesday, May 20th. I’ll show her! I pledge to wait until May 21 to start messing up this office! 🙂

I’m now accepting ideas for creative decorations for the office.  If you have a good one, send it along!

Love Your Enemies

Jenn Bell has been teaching the 6th grade Sunday School class while Marsha Peth does Everyday Faith this semester.  I’m so thankful for Jenn’s willingness to love on the kids in our 6th grade class.  They’ve been working through the Fruits of the Spirit as a class.  For Love, one of the opening activities had them create a list of the baddest bad guys around.  They came up with:

  1. The Devil
  2. Jason (From Friday the 13th, Not their DCE)
  3. Freddy (Nightmare on Elm Street)
  4. Chucky (From Child’s Play, not Pastor Whited)
  5. Emperor Palpatine (Star Wars)
  6. Ursula (Little Mermaid)
  7. Cruella DeVille (101 Dalmations)
  8. Wicked Witch of the West
  9. Dr. Evil (Austin Powers)
  10. Sid the Kid (Toy Story)

Afterwards, they looked at what the Bible says about loving your enemies.  A tough list to love!  I’m reminded again that God’s plan is so foreign to our own thinking.  What a radical concept that must have been for the people, just as it is for us today!

A big thanks to Jenn for showing love to our kids and bringing God’s Word to them!

Iron Man Ministry

Grady Sizemore, the Indians‘ center fielder, holds the current streak for consecutive starts in baseball with 360. That means that sometime in 2022, if all goes well, he’ll break Cal Ripken‘s streak of 2632 consecutive starts. Cal did it all with one team over a span of about 20 years. I’m hoping Grady makes it there, all with one team as well.

What would our churches look like if their workers gave 20+ years to a single church? We’ve been blessed with Sue for that long. And Ruth, who recently retired.  Ruth gave over 12,500 days to serving the Lord at First Trinity.  In case you missed it, we’ve posted the audio from the end of the service where we specifically celebrate Ruth’s ministry among us.  We’re thankful for Ruth’s past ministry and look forward to how God will continue using her in this new chapter of ministry!

My Bible

Our My Bible event starts this Sunday.  For Student Ministry, this means that we lose one of our ace teachers for the quarter, namely Marsha Peth.  Marsha does such a great job with our 6th Grade Sunday School every week.  Her big heart and willingness to do anything to reach the kids are big assets in our ministry.  Our 3rd/4th grade families will be blessed by her (and Pam Stone!) through this My Bible event.

All is not lost however!  Jenn Bell, our local french teacher/translator, is going to bring God’s Word to the 6th graders in Marsha’s absence.  She’s excited (as am I!) to be doing it.  I know she’ll do a wonderful job loving on those kids while bringing God’s Word to them!

He is Risen!

His is risen indeed!  Alleluia!

Easter is my favorite holiday of the year.  I love the Easter hymns, the joyful feeling in the air, the traditional Easter greeting and celebrating the resurrection together as a church family.  A wonderful day!

Happy Birthday to Me

As Sue points out, it is indeed my birthday today.  While I didn’t make the list, there are lots of famous births, deaths and events that share my birthdayFlickr turns 4 today, which is approximately 12.9% of my age. 

I’ve received one phone call this morning already from Jaime’s Dad.  There was no mention of an iPhone being in the mail to me, nor did he mention whether or not he got the reminder to purchase me one that I put in his phone about 6 months ago.  Here’s hoping!

No big plans for the day at this point.  Just hanging out with Super Mario Galaxy on the Wii and getting over the plague that finally seems to have gotten a hold on me.