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Nine Years

Jaime pointed out in the comments on my 500th post (which I posted about an hour ago) that today is also our anniversary.  One of the reasons for biting the bullet on the 500th post is to get an anniversary post up. 🙂

So today marks nine years of married life together for us.  It’s been a wonderful ride for us so far and we look forward to many more in the future.  I’ve now spent 28% of my life married to Jaime and another 11% dating.  That’s almost 40% of our life together.  It’s amazing to think about.

There are so many things I’m thankful for about Jaime that they are too numerous to go into here.  Just a small sampling of those include:

  • She understands me (and still likes me!).
  • She moved to Texas with me when it meant seeing our family only a couple times a year at best.
  • She laughs and jokes with me.
  • She makes me a better person.
  • She encourages me.
  • She sacrifices for me.
  • She gave up her teaching career to follow me to Buffalo, where we weren’t able to find a teaching position.
  • She gives her all to being a great Mom to Addison.
  • She walks with me in ministry.
  • She helps me keep my priorities straight.

I could keep going on, but I won’t.  It’s enough to say that I’m so thankful to God for giving me Jaime. What a wonderful blessing she has been to me and so many others over her lifetime. Addison and I are better for having Jaime as Mom and Wife.


500th Post

You may or may not have noticed, but I haven’t been blogging much recently.  Part of the reason for that is that I’ve been coming up on my 500th post and I wasn’t sure what to do to mark it.  So I slowed down my blogging to figure out an idea.  Turns out, I never came up with one.  🙂

So this marks my 500th post.  Unlike the 200th post, I won’t be redesigning my blog.  I will leave you with the updated stats and how they compare to the 200th.

General Stats

Top Posts

So, now that this hurdle is behind me, I may start blogging more regularly again. 🙂

Happy Birthday Jaime

Today is Jaime’s birthday.  I’m so glad that God made her and brought us together.  She’s an excellent wife to me and an even better mother to our little Addison. 

She has no “Happy Birthday to Me” post on her own blog, so you can leave birthday wishes in the comments here until she fesses up to having a birthday.

So thankful for Jaime today!

40 Days

Today is Ash Wednesday.  We begin the countdown to the celebration of Easter today, but first we reflect on our own sinfulness and our need for a Savior as we approach Good Friday.  It’s a great time of the church year, leading to my favorite Sunday of the year, Easter Sunday.

Of course, Easter Sunday will be even more special this year (scroll to the bottom of the post).

Overwhelmed With Love

Jaime and I went into Cleveland this past weekend for a family reunion and baby shower.  We felt overwhelmed by all the love that came our way at the shower.  We received several of the big ticket items on our registry, plus lots of fun outfits and other cool stuff.  Can’t wait to actually meet my little girl face to face and introduce her to all the people that have loved her already.

Thanks, Cindy and Tenley!

After more than 2 years on the job, Cindy is stepping down as our Scrip Coordinator.  I remember approaching her with the idea of starting this Fundraiser at some event in the Gym.  I’m not sure I even remember what it was.  Tenley, one of our friendly faces selling the gift cards, is also leaving the team as she’s moving to Florida (we’ll miss you guys!). 

The idea is that we sell gift cards for face value, but purchase them for a discounted price from Great Lakes Scrip.  Since May 19, 2006, here are some statistics for this Fundraiser:

  • Total Value of Gift Cards Sold: $124,934.55
  • Total Profit, after shipping expenses: $6,593.21
  • Average Return Rate: 5.28%
  • Top 5 Gift Cards Sold by Total Value:
    • Tops — $65,850
    • Panera Bread — $4200
    • Red Lobster — $3,525
    • Disney — $3,000
    • Sunoco — $2,400
  • Families Participating: 135
  • Families Purchasing More Than $500 Lifetime: 47
  • Top Family Amount by Total Purchased: $10,915
  • Top Family Amount by Contribution (Profit to us): $486.85

Cindy has been instrumental in getting this program off the ground and running.  Tenley has been helping sell the gift cards since the very beginning also.  I’m so thankful for their efforts these past 2 years!  If you see them this weekend, be sure to tell them thanks for all they’ve done for our youth!

And in case you’re wondering… Yes, the hunt is on for a new Scrip administrator.  It’s mostly administrative work, scheduling the other volunteers and occasionally finding more people to help sell at the table.  If you think that might be you, or you know someone who might be interested, shoot me an email

One day, I hope to be raising between $10 and $12,000 per year through Scrip.  With our growing number of kids in Crossroads attending Workcamps, we’ll need it!

200th Post

I must admit, when I started this journey, I wasn’t sure I’d actually make it this far. As I said in my very first post (which was actually posted on my TypePad blog, a for-pay competitor to the for-free WordPress), I didn’t consider myself an avid blogger at the time, but figured I should give it a serious go again after at least 2 failed attempts on Live Journal. Some interesting stats on my first 200 posts:

General Stats

  • Blog Hits: 7,144
  • Best Day Ever: 134 (Monday, February 25, 2008)
  • Comments: 410
  • Categories: 15
  • Tags: 383
  • Spam: 654
  • Banners: 2 (First, Second)

Top Posts (Views)

  1. NYMC: Day 2 (113)
  2. NYMC: Day 3 (Abridged) (97)
  3. Hopening The Heavens (83)
  4. Pseudo-Christian (77)
  5. Fantasy Idol: The Contestants (75)

Top Search Terms (Views)

  1. birthday (86)
  2. beautiful places (35)
  3. earth today (29)
  4. fantasy idol (25)
  5. neil diamond christian (16)

Top Referrers (Views)

  1. firsttrinity.com/staff.htm (230)
  2. firsttrinity.com (227)
  3. morethandodgeball.com(175)
  4. sweetsoup.wordpress.com(173)
  5. mail.google.com(81)

In celebration of the 200th post, I’ve updated the blog layout and design, moving from my original 2-column theme to a 3-column one. If you’re reading in an RSS Reader or Email, you’ll need to visit the actual site to see the changes.

Next big milestone: 500 posts, predicted at my current rate (.93 posts/day) to happen on February 16, 2009, one day after my Mom’s birthday. My bet is I get there sooner. Leave your guess in the comments and we’ll see how I do! I’m going with Dec. 15 (and I promise not to drive up the post-count to get there!).