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The Value of an Expert

We had a meeting Thursday morning with Bethany from ASI Signage. We’ve been talking about replacing our navigational signage inside the building ever since our communications consultant met with the staff and a few others to talk about the results from our communications study.

Like many projects, it was difficult to figure out where to start. We knew we needed a comprehensive plan, but we also didn’t know where to begin. We’ve cobbled together additional signage over the years, and the system has kind of become like a knotted ball of yarn. Some are professional quality (Randy Edgington’s work), others are generic plastic signs, while still others were just printouts that we taped to the wall.

So, in order to get a better handle on the problem, meeting with Bethany seemed like a good idea. It was an eye-opening experience just to have to try to explain how people navigate our building and where things are in relation to each other. When you start talking about it, it sounds so complex. There are lots of people coming into our building for the first time each week (whether to worship, basketball, volleyball, support groups, the preschool, or other activities) and we do a terrible job helping them find their way via signage.

I learned so much about our signage and what works/doesn’t just from talking with Bethany. One particular gem was that one of our most visible signs says “Cry Room.” She also wondered why we don’t just just the universal symbols for restrooms instead of our own creation on a floor plan of the church. Good point.

I’m eager to hear back from her about a proposal. Once we know a total cost, we’ll be able to plan how and when to upgrade the signage. And hopefully it will help guests and members alike navigate our building a little easier.


One response

  1. susansteege

    I loved having Bethany here, too. So many times we need “new eyes” to help us see what we’re really communicating. Nice post, Jason.

    December 17, 2011 at 1:48 pm

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