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Renovating First Trinity

You may or may not know, but we’re in the process of looking at some renovations and repairs for our wonderful campus.  I’m serving on the Renovations Team as much of our work will involve the youth space at church.  One of my major roles on the team is communicating information about the project to the congregation. 

One avenue we’ll be using is a special blog set up for the project.  I’m working on the design right now, but I’m curious to know what should be on there.  So here’s a question for my blog readers:

What sorts of information would you expect to see on the blog?

The blog will mostly be pushing information out, though we will have comments turned on for most of the posts to allow people to ask questions or give feedback on what we’re doing.  I expect many more people to read than comment, however. 

There will also be other mechanisms outside the blog for giving feedback and getting information about the project.  This will only be one part of the effort.


3 responses

  1. Martha

    Great idea! If you will be reporting on behalf of the entire Renovations Committee, why not start with the “Big Picture” – how much $$ is in the budget, what projects are on the “wish list” and how much does each cost (guessing there will be more on the list than $$ to complete) and are they prioritized? Who else is on the committee? When are mtgs? Open to all? What is guiding principle of renovation project (i.e. update? green? repair? secure?) and please do promote your blog every chance/method possible: bulletin, power point slide, ‘talk it up’ etc. Great news!

    May 22, 2009 at 6:49 am

    • Good ideas, Martha! We’ll get into a lot of those items with time. The blog will be less my take on things (as is the case with this blog) and more informational along the lines of your questions.

      For now, I can tell you that we’ve met three times already and are reviewing and categorizing the projects we know about. There will be a piece in the announcements this weekend with ways for congregation members to get us their input on projects that need doing so we can add them to the list of things to look at doing.

      May 22, 2009 at 1:05 pm

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