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Billboard Top Hits: Blame It by Jamie Foxx

Continuing our series, we’re doing Blame It by Jamie Foxx.  Sort of.

The song actually crosses the line for what I’m comfortable playing at Sunday School, so we’re going to look at the key topics Jamie Foxx brings up through a different song: Maybe it’s Maybelline by Relient K.  Here’s the song, courtesy of Grooveshark:

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We’ll primarily be looking at this idea of “blaming” others or things for the sins that we commit.  We’ll look at those things we “blame” for not drawing closer to God.  You know, the “I’d read my Bible more, but …” type statements.

We’ll also touch on the dangers of Alcohol, the primary “blame” in Jamie Foxx’s song, and what the Scriptures say about drinking.

Here’s the study sheet and lyrics for this weekend.


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