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Howard Dean You Are Not

Good show this evening.  I enjoyed seeing Daughtry perform, but Paula was … bad.  It sounded like a recording, not a live performance, which is just plain lame if that’s what happened.

I especially enjoyed Danny’s candidness when it came to his awful scream at the end of his song.  I thought for a moment that he might pull a Howard Dean:

Thankfully, his scream did not do him in.  Whew. 

Jaime reminded me that we haven’t had a Fantasy Idol update in a while, so here it is:

Kat 54
Lisa Criste 52
Addie’s Auntie Jen 48
Phyllis 47
Kristina Beras 46
Suzer Steege 46
Zach Attack 44
Caroline Criste 44
Kathy 44
Kelsey 43
Tracy Bramwell 43
Jaime 43
Jason Christ 38
Mark Bramwell 35

I am happy to report that I have climbed out of last place.  I still have no hope of winning, but at least I’m no longer in last place in my own pool.  The race is effectively down to two participants.  Kat has all six points tied up in Adam.  Lisa has 2 points for Danny and 2 for Adam. 


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