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Jasmine and Jorge, We Hardly Knew You

The results are in.  In short, I like them.  I would have liked to see Jorge make it farther, but it was fair to see him go.  I’m so glad that Alexis made it so there’s not a phone number controversy.

I also like the new rule for the judges.  I think it’s fair to give them one save for the year, which should help keep someone worthy in the competition.  It’s a good addition to the system.  I’m also glad they didn’t exercise it this week.

Fantasy Idol is now underway as well.  So far, no one lost an idol, so everyone is tied at 6 points.  Here are the picks:

Addie’s Auntie Jen: Danny Gokey (2), Adam Lambert (2), Lil Rounds (2)

Kat: Adam Lambert (6)

Mark Bramwell: Adam Lambert (1), Kris Allen (1), Lil Rounds (1), Alexis Grace (1), Megan Corkrey (1), Matt Giraud (1)

Tracy Bramwell: Adam Lambert (2), Danny Gokey (1), Lil Rounds (1), Megan Corkrey (1), Matt Giraud (1)

Phyllis: Danny Gokey (1), Adam Lambert (2), Lil Rounds (2), Allison Iraheta (1)

Zach Attack: Danny Gokey (4), Scott MacIntyre (2)

Jaime: Danny Gokey (2), Adam Lambert (2), Alexis Grace (1), Lil Rounds (1)

Kathy: Danny Gokey (2), Adam Lambert (2), Alexis Grace (1), Matt Giraud (1)

Kristina Beras: Adam Lambert (2), Danny Gokey (2), Alexis Grace (1), Kris Allen (1)

Suzer Steege: Adam Lambert (3), Kris Allen (2), Alexis Grace (1)

Kelsey: Danny Gokey (3), Scott MacIntyre (2), Allison Iraheta (1)

Jason Christ: Danny Gokey (3), Alexis Grace (2), Adam Lambert (1)

EDIT: Missed 2:

Lisa Criste: Danny Gokey (2), Allison Iraheta (2), Adam Lambert (2)

Caroline Criste: Allison Iraheta (2), Alexis Grace (1), Adam Lambert (2), Danny Gokey (1)

Looking forward to the season!


2 responses

  1. But where are Addie’s Uncle Rob’s pics? 🙂

    March 12, 2009 at 3:10 am

  2. Jen

    Addie’s Uncle Rob belatedly enters his picks: 6 points all in for Tatiana Del Torto….that will teach him not to watch AI! 🙂

    Funny thing is that between all the entries, 9 of the eleven remaining idols are in play….doesn’t bode well for Sarver and Anoop, though….

    March 13, 2009 at 6:06 pm

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