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American Idol: Group 1

Well, we are finally down to the real deal with American Idol.  It was good to move out of the auditions phase and into the actual competition.  Here’s the rundown of candidates as I saw them, with a quick comment on each:

  • Tier 1
    • Danny Gokey: Top vote getter for boys/overall.  He sounded great and how could you not vote for him with his story?
    • Anoop Desai: 2nd highest vote tally, advances to Top 12.  He’s really likeable.
    • Alexis Grace: Top vote getter for the girls.  I liked the punky hair.  Very rocker-like.
  • Tier 2
    • Michael Sarver: Like him, should get a 2nd chance at the Wildcard round.
    • Tatiana del Toro: Way better than expected, but I don’t think she should make it.  She might, though, thanks to Vote for the Worst.
    • Jackie Tohn: She’s more likeable when she’s not singing.
    • Ricky Braddy: The judges thought he sounded good, but I thought he was forgettable.
    • Ann Marie Boskovich: Borderline tier 2 at best.
  • Tier 3
    • Stephen Fowler: Horrible song choice.  Absolutely horrible.  I wouldn’t mind if he got a 2nd chance, but I’m not sure he will.  He’s used up too much grace from the judges making it into the top 36.
    • Stevie Wright: I liked her a lot after her auditions.  She was awful tonight.  I hope she gets a 2nd chance.  She could grow a lot.
    • Brent Keith: He’s nice enough, but no in the same league as the tier 1 people.
    • Casey Carlson: Wow.  She was terrible, but kudos to her for not crying on stage.  The judges were rough on her.

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