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Birthday Wishes 2.0

By an almost 5:1 margin, Birthday Wishes is my most popular post.  In fact, it currently makes up 11.7% of all hits to my blog.  I can only assume it’s because of the file name (birthday-postcard) that shows up frequently in Google Image Search.

We’ve just about run out of the postcards from the previous post, so it’s time to order more.  Here’s the new design:

Birthday-Postcard-Front Birthday-Postcard-Back

The hand shot, Love and Care, was purchased through StockXpert.  Because of copyright issues (I think there are issues… They won’t answer my question.), I’ve added the watermark to the image here.  The back is an updated version of our current postcard design to include the address for the church and the FTSM text on the Compass as a watermark in the background.

Eventually, we’ll have 3-4 different designs that we’ll use so we can rotate through them each year to avoid sending the same postcard every year to students. 


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