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I’m not very good at real golf.  But I love computer golf!  I never realized it until just recently, but golf games have been consistently among my favorite finds in gaming.  Some of the best:

  • Gravitee: It’s inter-planetary golf.  Use the gravity of the planets to guide your shot through the wicket.
  • Albatross 18: Fantasy/Anime meets golf.  Crazy power-shots and characters make this a blast.  Free to play, but large download required.
  • Mini-Putt 2: Low-res graphics but fun to play.
  • Minigolf Party: A new golf game I just discovered (which prompted this post) from the folks at Playfish.  They make Facebook games it seems. If you try it out, we can compete for best score.
  • Wii Golf: Ok, everyone who has a Wii has it, but it’s still fun to play.
  • Tiger Woods Golf: My 2nd purchased Wii Game (Zelda was first, for those who are curious) was Tiger Woods 08. It’s perfectly suited for the Wii’s motion controller.

2 responses

  1. chuckwhited

    Just a thought, but maybe the reason you aren’t good at golf is you are guiding your shots through the “wicket”. I don’t think there are any wickets in golf. Of course, that could be why I’m not very good.

    December 20, 2008 at 12:13 pm

  2. I’m of the view that you don’t have to be good/very good to enjoy the game. I’m pretty good and probably get more frustrated than many ‘hackers’ do. Keep at it.

    April 23, 2010 at 7:42 pm

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