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Bible Reading Plan

Awesome thing happened this evening.  I like to have an empty inbox when I go to bed.  It helps me sleep better, knowing what’s there.  I answer quick stuff and mark the rest for follow-up the next morning at work if needed. 

I had an email from one of our youth with a number of questions.  One pertained to what’s the best way to read through the Bible over a period of time.  I figured you might be interested in the resource as well:

  • I like to tell people to open the JAR: John, Acts, Romans.  John tells the story of Jesus’ life.  Acts tells the story of the early church.  And Romans gives many of the key truths of the Christian faith.
  • If your goal is to read every word in the BIble in 3 years, you’ll want to be systematic in your approach.  Zondervan has put together a number of plans for reading the Bible, including a 3-Year plan, which might be perfect for you.  This plan gives about 1 chapter a day for you to read and prints off an easy check-off sheet.
  • Another option is to go more topical in your study and then fill in the gaps at the end.  The same site from Zondervan lists a number of 30 day Bible reading plans that might be of interest to you.  They also have some nice 2-Week plans.  You could print the 3-Year plan and mark it off while reading the shorter plans.  Then, look over the 3-Year plan after you’ve finished the shorter plans and fill in the gaps.

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  1. Jaime

    You all do realize that saying “Don’t think about the date” is akin to saying “don’t think about a purple elephant,” right? 🙂

    November 20, 2008 at 7:51 am

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