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An Amaizing Thing

There are some things in Student Ministry that I find hard to keep doing.  Number one on my list is the infamous “Lock-in”.  Students love them.  Adults don’t.  I’ve changed my practices with Lock-ins to make them more palatable to the adults, like adding mandatory “quiet” (AKA “sleep”) time. 

Recently, I’ve wondered about the wisdom of the Corn Maize.  It always seems to be cold, wet and muddy when we go.  Kids don’t wear warm enough clothes and tend to get a little chilly.  This year, Jaime’s car got stuck in the mud pretty bad.  I’m thankful for all those who helped:

  • Jeff, Susan and Marsha: offering to call AAA (which didn’t work).
  • Tim and Marsha: Hanging out in the center of the maze, watching the kids while Jeff and I helped Jaime with the car.
  • Joe and Donna: Walking the maze with Becky, Gina and other youth.
  • The owner and his boys, who pulled the car out with a tractor.

It’s not a recipe for a good night of ministry.  But here’s the amazing thing: The next morning, Brenda thanks me for doing the maze.  She’s been praying that her daughter Emily would get to know the other girls at church better and she came home with so many stories about the event, mostly because of the relationships that were formed.  She was running with those same girls at church Sunday morning.


One response

  1. Puzzler15

    Sometimes the Holy Spirit works when we feel the most frazzled so that we know without a doubt that it is all about HIM and not about us.

    October 22, 2008 at 12:19 pm

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