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Family Time Matters

You may already know that.  Having time together as a family is important in raising kids.  Kent Shaffer at Church Relevance has a nice post summarizing two recent studies about family time and its impact on teenage sex and drug use.  Worth checking out.


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  1. Pat C

    AMEN- I could not agree more. Time to eat together and play together MUST be a priority for parents. Kids (especially teens) need that time to “touch base” with their parents and enjoy the casual / friendly side of the parent-child relationship. It is a time to teach, share and enjoy each other. In the teen years it becomes increasingly more difficult to make this happen on a regular basis because of busy schedules (work, school, sports and even church activities). However, at the same time it is increasingly MORE important that it does happen. Debbie and I treasure this time with our girls and are firm on keeping it a priority in our house. I’m pretty sure our girls would tell you they like it too. We are blown away by the number of their friends that have joined us and indicate that family dinner is the exception rather than the rule in their homes.

    October 17, 2008 at 1:02 pm

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