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Football As I See It: Week 5

My thoughts about Football and the things that “interrupt” it from Week 5 in the NFL:

  • Left church around 1:10.  Remembered I never updated my Fantasy teams.  Not a good start to the football afternoon.
  • Flipping between Colts/Texans and Giants/Seahawks for the first 10 minutes.  Finally settled on the Giants game.  Unless the Bills or Browns are playing, I think I almost always land on the Fox game.  They’re broadcasters are just so much better.
  • I still don’t like Eli Manning, but he’s becoming a great quarterback.  I didn’t expect the Giants to be in this position this year, and he’s a big reason they haven’t slipped despite losing key guys on defense.
  • Poor Matt Hasselbeck.  He has no receivers to throw to.  I might make their team.
  • 2:45 – Off to rooted.  Had 6 youth and 2 adults at the first rooted.  It was a great time.  I think we’ll grow into the model after a few meetings, but I’m very pleased with the start.
  • Pam S. is the bearer of bad news as she picks up Zack from rooted: Bills are down 14-0, Trent Edwards knocked out of the game with a concussion on the first drive.  Not good.
  • Get in my car to head home and the first thing I hear is Trent is out with a concussion.  I get it already!  🙂
  • I fear this is not going to be good for the Bills.  Losman is beyond terrible at QB.  History has shown that teams also tend to do poorly when a backup is thrown in there.  My fears will be proved right shortly…
  • Losman holds the ball way too long.
  • Jason Peters isn’t helping by letting guys get around him to JP
  • Bills lose, as expected.  I’m not sure we win that game with Trent, but it’s certainly a much better game to watch.
  • If I had recently purchased a big-screen television, planned to have a big 5-0 party, found out WIVB was being pulled from Cable, stood on my roof trying to get an antenna to work for the game, had to move the party to another location and then watched this game, I’d be pretty mad.  Just saying.
  • Listened to a little of the post-game show on WGR.  People were taking it better than expected.  I suppose we are 4-1 after all.
  • Apparently everyone who calls Peter King about football starts of their sentence with “Look”.  Ever notice that?
  • I should be a lot more excited about Steelers/Jags than I am.  Ended up only watching a little bit of the game.  Jaime and I watched some Amazing Race and then Grey’s Anatomy on DVD. 

2 responses

  1. sweetsoup

    How was the Amazing Race???!! Couldn’t watch (WIVB). Maybe I can catch it online…

    October 6, 2008 at 11:41 am

  2. It was fine. We haven’t seen any of it this year and came in in the middle. We thought it started at 9 because it wasn’t on at 8 when we flipped to it. Turns out, 60 minutes was running late because of Football, so we only saw from the Roadblock on.

    October 6, 2008 at 3:17 pm

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