Walking the line between nerd and cool.

Here and Gone Again

I was so glad to be back with our church family for worship this weekend.  I enjoy visiting other churches, but it’s so great to be at my home church.  I was a little off all morning, but I’ll figure out what I’m supposed to be doing again soon…  I completely forgot about helping with Acolytes.  I’m still not sure who did it at the first service.  Jennie took the initiative and got the job done at the 2nd service without me. 

Then I was in the pew and ready for worship when Jaime asked if I was going to be recording the sermon or not.  My laptop wasn’t charged, so I had to track down an extension cord, the microphone and transmitter and get it all set up during the first song.  Still, a fun day.

I leave on Wednesday morning for New Orleans to start the planning process for the 2010 National Youth Gathering.  I’m excited to be back on board.  Thankfully, I’ll be back here by Sunday so I won’t be missing church.


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