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Workcamp Day 6 and 7

The post I didn’t get to actually post for day 6:

We had a great time at the University of Dayton RecPlex yesterday.  It was way better than the YMCA in Piqua that many other groups were going to for free.  Afterwards, we headed out to dinner at McCormick and Schmidt’s at an upscale mall in Dayton.  We were in the party room together and had a great meal.  I ordered Chicken Penne, but ended up swapping with Alex when he realized he mistakenly ordered a Chicken Caesar Salad.  🙂

Made it back in time for the last few acts of the talent show, one of which was the Lifehouse Skit that our Haiti Mission Team did.  They did a really great job at it.  Tonight we head our for our special evening devotions off site.  Some of the youth are trying to guess what we’re doing.  Corn Maize is leading the voting.

Day 7

Last night was a blast.  There was lots of crying as we explored the topic of forgiveness in the evening program, then we went to French Park for our special evening together as we enjoy reading notes from home.  It was a really powerful night of ministry. 

Tonight we celebrate with our residents during the final program, then tomorrow it’s off to King’s Island.  Not everyone is into the amusement park idea, but I think they’ll all have a good time, even if they aren’t into riding the rides.

As we wrap up the week, my first impression of this new style camp is that it’s way better for our ministry as a whole.  I feel like the parts that are lacking from the original style could be supplemented on our own, or Group will figure out a way to make it better next year.  I wasn’t sure how having our own youth in the crews would work, but it’s been a great experience.  Seems like most of us have enjoyed it, despite some reservations about the idea early on.

WDTN.com has a video about Workcamp posted.  It was on page 6 of the videos tab when I found it.  It doesn’t have any of our youth in it, but fun nonetheless.  We were on with the morning guy on WDTN as well, but I can’t find the address to the video yet.  Joe found the address for the other stuff I wrote about in another post.  In case you don’t read the comments, here they are:


Dayton Daily News

There are a few other links in the comments here as well.


One response

  1. sweetsoup

    SO GLAD TO HEAR FROM YOU all again…was praying last night. I am sad I didn’t get to send a care package this year. 😦 Blessings on the last night and the afterevent tomorrow. I can’t wait to hear more.

    Did they still have Care Cards?

    July 25, 2008 at 9:27 pm

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