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Carwash Post-Op

Our carwash was this weekend.  Some of my thoughts on the new process:

  • We’re tracking a little lower in donations than past years, but I can’t say it’s because of the switch in how we asked for money.  Gas prices, slower economy and other factors could all be big reasons for this.  The difference is pretty small and may get even smaller once I look at the Teller’s Report for this weekend.
  • There were a lot less cars this year.  I don’t know the exact number, but it was substantial.  The weather wasn’t a factor.  Felt like there were less cars out than usual for that time of day also.  Maybe people really are changing their driving habits.
  • People were genuinely surprised about not having to donate at all.  To get free drinks/hot dogs on top of that was even more surprising.
  • The videos were a big hit.  We’ll definitely be looking to do that again somehow.
  • We should probably make the videos available on DVD to hand out at the carwash.  Some people (surprisingly, I might add) claimed to have no Internet access.  I for one find that hard to believe, but maybe.  🙂
  • Two people told us they were going to stop by the church this weekend for services.  I didn’t see either of them.  Maybe in the coming weeks.
  • We’ve had ~80 unique visitors hit our website.  I’d say that’s a pretty good number.

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