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I Ate A Huge Frog Today

I really like the final product we get from the company that does our T-Shirts.  The problem is, they’re really hard to work with over the phone or email, so unless you’re willing to drive out there, it can be a chore getting things ordered.  Today was the day to eat that frog.  The first thing that needed doing was coming up with a design for the back of the shirt.  I borrowed Randy’s idea from what will be the main Crossroads shirt to start, then tweaked it for Workcamp.  Here’s what we’re getting:

Crossroads Workcamp Shirt Back

I made it in Inkscape, a free, open source version of Adobe Illustrator.  Not nearly as high powered, but also not nearly as expensive.  The front of the shirt has the full Crossroads logo and First Trinity Student Ministries on it.


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