Walking the line between nerd and cool.

Our 3rd Family

Being a part of a good church is liking having a 3rd family.  There’s my side of the family, Jaime’s, and our church family.  Since we broke the news of our pregnancy to the church family, we’ve been showered with all kinds of wonderful blessings.  From the material (LOTS of cloths and furniture offers plus an unexpected “You’re all set.  The couple over there paid your bill for you.” moment as Jaime and I were out for dinner) to the emotional (lots of people offering advice and support) to the spiritual (I’m not sure how many people are praying for the baby now, but it’s a lot I think), we feel over-blessed sometimes.

It’s hard to comprehend it all sometimes.  What did we do to deserve so much?  Nothing, really.  Which is why I love our church family.  They are an example to us of how God loves us, but only a mere drop compared to the love He has poured out for us.


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