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Taking the Plunge

I like to be on the bleeding edge of software.  I always have at least 3 or 4 programs installed that are in “beta” form.  Generally speaking, the few bugs that come along with Betas are acceptable to me.  My web browser, however, has been an exception to that policy since the days of Firefox 1.0.  It’s not that I mind the browser issues, it’s the incompatibility of my extensions. 

I had tried (and loved) Firefox 3 Beta 2 and following, but couldn’t live without my extensions so I didn’t keep it.  Firefox 3 Release Candidate 1 was published a little more than a week ago.  For those who don’t follow the development of Firefox, RCs are put out once all the major features are finalized, allowing extension authors to update once and be assured that their extensions will work with all future 3.x versions of Firefox. 

I did some detective work and found replacements or beta copies of all my extensions except for a few, so I am now on Firefox 3.  The only one I really really miss is Google Browser Sync


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