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Open Content

Information wants to be free.  I know people want to make money on their information, but the Internet has really changed the old model.  “Pay” information is still useful.  For example, I’m more likely to trust Britannica over Wikipedia if my life depends on it, but the gap is narrowing between the two.  For most things in my life, Wikipedia is just fine. 

I also want information to be accessed how I choose.  I’m told Steven Furtick has a great blog, so I subscribed the other day.  But I only get about 4 lines of each post in my Reader, then I have to click through to his website to read the information.  I quickly unsubscribed because I couldn’t get all the content how I wanted and I wasn’t willing to change my habits (and maybe that’s bad) to get the content. 

This is why I like Digsby so much.  It’s a good start at software that allows me to follow Facebook/Myspace the way I want to, not the way they make me.  I can use Facebook Chat through Digsby, allowing me to communicate with people without having to keep Facebook open.

I’m also thankful for places like Bible Gateway and You Version (though I don’t like the interface there) for providing God’s Word for free online. 


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