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FAQs, NAQs and ATAQs

Seth Godin pointed me to an interesting post looking at FAQs on company websites.  Kevin Kelly, the author, argues that FAQs are often composed of NAQs — Never Asked Questions.  His point is that FAQs are frequently marketing ploys.  By using questions that are never being asked, they create a marketing buzz or spin for their company/product.

Maybe in addition to FAQs, our churches need ATAQs — Awkward To Ask Questions.  These are the things people really want to know about you, but are afraid, embarrassed or ashamed to ask.  Some of those might include:

  • I committed X sin in the past.  Am I welcome at your church?
  • What makes you think your version of the truth is the only right one?
  • Why should I trust a god that inflicts so much harm on the world?
  • What mistakes has your church made in the past and what did you do about them?
  • Why do you say I’m going to hell if I don’t believe in Jesus?

I’m sure there are lots of others out there.  The point is, sometimes we shy away from the difficult, awkward questions because they are too hard to answer or they make us uncomfortable.  I know I would be a lot more impressed with an organization that took a stand on the difficult issues than with one that didn’t.  It makes them seem more real and honest. 

What ATAQs would you add to a First Trinity FAQ?


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