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Notes on 1 Timothy 1

As mentioned earlier, I’m working through 1 Timothy to help me evaluate the English Standard Version of the Bible.  Here are my notes from the first chapter:

  • 1:2 – Paul calls Timothy his “true child in the faith.”  Paul obviously has a special, ongoing relationship with Timothy.  Discipleship is always happening, not just while our kids live at home or are in our ministry.
  • 1:3-5 – Paul considers pure doctrine to be important, but not for the sake of knowledge alone.  The purpose of that doctrine is love.
  • 1:6 – Too much discussion is a bad thing.  Were people spending all their time discussing and not actually loving others? 
  • 1:7 – Yet Paul is also clear that we must know what we teach.  Reading God’s Word daily is important.
  • 1:8-11 – Paul sounds Lutheran, talking about the distinction between Law and Gospel and when to use the Law.
  • 1:12-17 – God’s love for Paul overflowed, despite his lifestyle.  You can always come back to God.
  • 1:15 – When Paul says something is “trustworthy and deserving of full acceptance,” we probably should listen.  “Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners.”
  • 1:16 – Paul was to be an example to the world of God’s Grace.  Every Christian is an example of God’s Grace today.
  • 1:20 – I don’t think Paul likes blasphemy much.  Ouch.

If anything struck you while reading, leave it in the comments.


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