Walking the line between nerd and cool.


Goodbye, Brooke.  She lasted longer than I thought she would, and probably 1 week longer than she really should have, but her time is now ended.  I still maintain that I could see owning her album, mostly because I like her sound on piano ballads.  I won’t buy it, but I could see me owning it.  🙂  Maybe someone will buy it for me…

Our Fantasy Idol standings, after 2 weeks of points added in to catch-up from my lack of an update last week:

  1. MomH (53)
  2. Jaime (51)
    Annie (51)
  3. Karen (40)
  4. Alicia (35)
    Sue (35)
  5. Kathy (33)
  6. Jason (31)
  7. Tracy (27)

You can see who everyone has left in the original post with our candidates.  Here’s the situation as I see it:  If Jason is eliminated this week, David Cook needs to finish 1st for Jaime/Annie to pass MomH.  If Jason survives another week, a first place finish for David Cook would only result in a tie.  If he survives two more eliminations, MomH wins.  Exciting finish ahead!


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