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From Movies to Television

I’ve recently discovered that I’d much rather watch television shows on DVD than movies.  I think it’s because of the larger story that can be told over the course of several episodes or even years.  My first experience (and one of the pioneers in this area, I think) with a continuing story was Babylon 5.  It was a 5 year story that was condensed to 4 because of uncertainty about the 5th year.

Alias, 24, Lost and more refined the genre and made it popular.  DVD and online distribution has allowed shows to go even further in the genre as fans now have ways to get caught up if they miss an episode here or there, or even miss the first season or two.

The more I read the Bible and grow in my faith, the more I realize God is a fan of this genre.  The Scriptures cover thousands of years, but they contain only a portion of God’s story.  He continues working today in our lives and will continue to work until the end of time.  We’re part of an epic story.  We know the ending already, but we trust God to walk with us through this journey.


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