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Good Day Mate

Michael Johns?  Sure, it’s getting harder to eliminate people, but I’m surprised it was him.  He seemed to have built a following in recent weeks after a slow start in the early weeks.  His performance wasn’t the worst that evening.  Unfortunately, someone had to go I suppose.  The after-elimination-drama was fun to watch at least.  Carly seemed like she was fully convinced it would be her and couldn’t control herself.  Several others were quite emotional as well.  I wonder if this is the closest Idol group to date.  I don’t remember as much of this from past years…

Our Fantasy Idol standings:

  1. Jaime (41)
    MomH (41)
    Annie (41)
  2. Karen (32)
  3. Alicia (29)
  4. Sue (28)
  5. Kathy (27)
  6. Jason (25)
  7. Tracy (23)

One response

  1. lumpylumps

    I was surprised that it was Michael Johns too – I thought a few others would go before him.

    April 11, 2008 at 8:36 am

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