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Rooted, Relevant, Real and Ready

We had an awesome meeting with Erik Ticen, a consultant we’re working with to improve our communications at First Trinity. There were numerous gems we found from the discussion, but the best was his comment that we do an excellent job of celebrating our heritage (tradition) while innovating and being modern. I quipped that we are Rooted and Relevant. After thinking about it some more, I feel the statement “Rooted, Relevant, Real and Ready” is a great description of our church.

  • Rooted: We’re rooted in the ancient truths of the Gospel and we hold on to those things from our heritage that help us spread that truth. Our Lutheran Christian heritage is a good thing.
  • Relevant: God’s Word is ancient yet timeless. We adapt and reinterpret our traditions for today.
  • Real: We mess up. We’re dirty. We laugh. We play. Through it all, we’re Authentic.
  • Ready: We are ready to serve and be God’s instruments for spreading the Gospel.

It’s not one word, but I still like it.


4 responses

  1. Tim

    I like it.

    March 21, 2008 at 6:29 pm

  2. Joe Z

    Reminds me too much of IHOP – Rooty Tooty Fresh and Fruity….

    Guess I like pancakes too much…


    March 24, 2008 at 10:21 am

  3. Love their pancakes, but don’t care for the Rooty Tooty too much. I always ask for the blueberry pancakes without the compote (looks/sounds too much like compost for my liking) on top and the blueberries mixed in with the batter. Mmmmm….

    March 24, 2008 at 10:33 am

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