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A Heart For Youth

I got to spend the better part of two hours sharing with our OPUS (Older Persons Up to Something) group about our student ministry today. I loved my time with them. I love talking about our youth and what we’re doing in ministry with them, and the OPUS gang loved to hear about it. Despite the difference of age, they have a real heart to see our youth nurtured and cared for by the church.

Their love for youth is why our church has been around since 1839. We’ve never stopped caring for the young people of our congregation. Just like the “traditional” family unit, we’re one generation in the church from losing the faith. These men and women have a passion for our kids and love to hear what we’re doing on their behalf in ministry. I wish I could make our youth understand how much their church truly loves them. A great day!


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  1. Tim

    That was a great presentation regarding our youth program(s) and the real life stories about how our youth are spreading the word to their friends and bringing them into the faith relationship with Jesus is awesome! A model to all us “grown-ups” 🙂

    If we could figure out how to make that pitch to the EMT and MC it would be another group that really needs to get a full sense of what our youth program is all about. Maybe it could be condensed but it
    would pay lots of dividends in the future.

    March 13, 2008 at 9:07 am

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