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AI: The Top 12

I think there was a big divide between those that were great tonight and those that weren’t. 


  • Brooke White (Favorite of the night.  Some of it is the song choice, some the emotion she shows.  I don’t think she can win it, but I could see myself owning her CD.)
  • Carly Smithson (Great look, great vocal.  A very close 2nd to Brooke tonight.  Building momentum, but I’m not sure she can win it all.)
  • David Cook (Also getting better each week.  Reminded me of Daughtry this week.)


  • David Archuleta (A poor performance, but safe based on past performances.)
  • Michael Johns (Getting weaker each week.  Near the bottom, but safe.)
  • Jason Castro (Looks like Jar-Jar Binks.  Sings like him too.  Bottom 3.)
  • Chikezie (Much improved, but still not doing it for me.  What’s up with that vest?)
  • David Hernandez (Yuck.  Bottom 3.)
  • Amanda Overmyer (Really hard to understand but should be safe.)
  • Kristy Lee Cook (Horseback Barbie is in trouble.  Way too country for that song.  Could have picked a better song.  Should be safe based on past performances, cuteness and horse-selling sympathy.)
  • Ramiele Malubay (Boring.  Bottom 3.)
  • Syesha Mercado (Liked the performance, but it just didn’t fit with the best ones.  Should be safe, but needs to improve.  Along with Michael, she’s been getting weaker each week.  Bring back the scarves.)

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