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Idol Wrap-up

I’m still catching up from being away for the weekend to Cincinnati, so I was only half-watching the show this evening as I was doing homework for my Preaching class.  No one really blew me away this evening, but I liked Brooke White the best.  I thought it was a good vocal, but a great performance as a whole.  I like that they can use instruments now.  Syesha was a bit of a disappointment.  She sang fine, but I just can’t get behind the slow song picks that people are making.  It’s so hard to nail a slow song.

Of course, I say that after David Archuleta just knocked a home run out of the park with his rendition of Imagine.  I’m beginning to think David could give Syesha a run for her money to win this year.  I still like Syesha better, but I’d be ok with David as well.

I was told I was sending unclear messages about Fantasy Idol as well.  I originally said Monday, but now I’m saying anytime before the results show starts tomorrow.  If you’ve already posted and want to change, post again.  The latest timestamp on the posts will be your official list.  If you emailed them to me, send the new list again via email.  Please send the full list if changing, not just the change.


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  1. Karen Cassidy

    I think tonight will be the end of Jason Yeager and either Luke or David Cook. For the girls one of the blondes will probably be gone- most likely Alaina and probably one of the Black female singers- either Asia’h or Alexandrea ( even though I really like both of them and wish two blondes would go.)

    Fantasy Idol is a cool idea. For the girls I am picking
    1.Brooke White
    2.Ramile Malubay
    3.Syesha Mercado

    1.David Archuletta ( you gotta pick him- he is so far and above everyone else in the competition that he shines like a star)
    2.David Hernandez

    February 28, 2008 at 8:54 am

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