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All Glory to God

I used to have great difficulty accepting compliments about my teaching or speaking when it came to official roles in the church. I knew that my words were only effective or moving because the Holy Spirit was working through them. While I feel I have some giftedness in these areas, those gifts came from God and the glory is His, not mine. I’ve become much better at accepting the compliments because many of the people are giving them in response to God’s work through me. I’m happy to accept them, but always try to point back to God as the source.

This past weekend was a great opportunity for this. God did some amazing things here at First Trinity this weekend:

  • Around 525 people came to the Jesus Painter event.
  • The entire audience seemed engaged and eager to hear the message of Christ through words, music and art.
  • At least 50 people thanked me personally for hosting the event. They were all so moved by the program as a whole.
  • We received one of the paintings as part of bringing the Jesus Painter to our church. The other three paintings were donated to the church by some generous members of our church. We now have 4 great works of art to remind us of the story of this event. I am always struck by how generous our people are!
  • God worked amazing things through the four stage people. While we each planned our own areas ahead of time, we only got together as a group at 5 p.m. to talk details. Lots of people thought Mike and Marc had been working together for years.
  • 47 youth and 20 adults participated in the Famine.
  • Those who led the famine were all serving in their giftedness. There was not a single area where I thought we had the wrong person for the job.
  • Pastor’s message was dead-on for our theme. We talked maybe 5 minutes altogether about what the main point we were trying to emphasize was.

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