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Thank-You Writer’s Strike

The joy of the writer’s strike first set in for me when Heroes season 2 was cut short.  I had hoped the strike could be resolved so we could continue getting more new episodes of Heores, but alas, it was not to be so.  Then I learned that 24 would be canceled because of the strike.  Not the end of the world, but it is one of the shows I enjoy watching with Jaime.  Ok, that’s not entirely truthful.  Good thing I’m not on the Moment of Truth, one of the new “reality” shows to come out of this strike.

If you missed the premiere last night, you didn’t miss much.  Basically, they ask increasingly awkward/embarrassing/humiliating questions that you have to answer truthfully on national television while your friends and family sit there and are stunned by your answers.  The first guy confessed to doing something that would cause his wife to distrust him in one question and to putting off kids because he didn’t think he’d be with his wife long-term.  He made it to $25,000 and then was untruthful and lost all the money he had “earned.”

How hard it must be for the family and friends to hear these answers come out.  I’m sure this will lead to many divorces and broken relationships as the show progresses.  It’s an interesting picture of our relationship with God, however.  God hears all our darkest secrets, lusts, fears, lies, doubts and more.  But God doesn’t end the relationship because of it.  Instead, He loves us, forgives us and cares for us.


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