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Power Learning and Working

The 15 days are going to be interesting.  I have the following on my plate:

  • Lutheran Confessions 1 starts tomorrow (Jan 3) and runs through Jan 18.  Classes are from 9-12 each day with 3+ hours of homework each night minimum.
  • Cornerstone (Jan 3)
  • Crossroads Sunday School (Jan 6, 13)
  • Internet Safety Class (Jan 7)
  • Crossroads Event: Sex at it’s Best (Jan 11)
  • Remix Event: Rock Climbing (Jan 12)
  • Preach on “How Can I Make a Lasting Change?” (Jan 12-13)
  • Cornerstone Event: Special event for families around the 4th Commandment (Jan 17)

Jaime will be in Haiti for most of that, so I have extra time to work and study.  Should be an interesting 15 days!  If you don’t see many posts, you’ll know why.


2 responses

  1. Chuck Whited

    Yes, but could you sit and listen to me for three hours – I mean without sleeping. Please don’t answer. I look forward to hearing more about the class.

    January 4, 2008 at 11:49 am

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