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It’s A Picture Frame!

Last year at the Remix Christmas Party, Laura brought a large gift bag that had some sort of food item in it. I can’t remember what exactly it was. In an attempt to get people to steal more gifts (it’s a white elephant style gift exchange, so stealing in this context is ok), I made a big deal about the large bag containing a picture frame. Every time I said it was a picture frame, Laura would respond indignantly “It’s not a picture frame!” It was a blast.

Christmas Party 2007

This year, our theme for presents were Red/Green items or White items. Laura brought another large item, this time in a box. Again, the gift became popular, possibly because of the excitement generated last year. This year, it actually was a picture frame! There were at least two other picture frames that I saw as well. Fun stuff.

There were 44 youth at the event. I’m not sure where they all came from. I’d guess that at least 10-15 were friends of our youth. I love that they invite their friends to things that we do. Good times!


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  1. sweetsoup

    I LOVE the pics, Jason. A big thanks to you and Darcy for what looks like a great great event. And to think that earlier in the day we were wondering if people would show because of the snow!!! Great work.

    December 14, 2007 at 10:32 am

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