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Zap The Bible

One of the website I visit on a semi-regular basis is digg.com.  It’s basically a collection of stories submitted from lots of different people.  You can vote on them and the best stories get moved up the list where more people see them.  Generally speaking, I scan the headlines and click through only a couple stories each week.  Most of it is just mildly interesting.

While there, I was turned on to a post from TopEducationDegrees.com about tools for innovative teachers.  The last item on their list is about speed reading.  I clicked through to Zap Reader to see what their trick was for speed reading.  While surfing around their site, I found a Greasemonkey script for Firefox that adds a “Zap Read This” link to Scripture passages on BibleGateway.com.  I gave it a whirl on John 1 and was quite impressed.  I went through the entire chapter at 400 words per minute and was able to keep up with it.

Now, it’s not ideal for in-depth studying of the Bible, but it’s certainly a useful tool to get started.  Here are some suggestions for how it could be used:

  • Quickly read a chapter to place a verse in context.
  • Use it to memorize scripture.
  • Read a verse several times at varying speeds.  Work from fast to slow and back again.
  • Read an entire book of the Bible.  John has 18,591 words in the NIV.  At 400 wpm, you can read the entire book in 47 minutes.
  • Read the entire Bible in a little more than a day (593,371 Words in NIV) .  At 400 wpm, it would take you 24 hours and 45 minutes.  Break into an hour a day and you can do it in 1 month.

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