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Eye Guess Not

I had my 2nd free consultation today for the Lasik surgery thing.  This one was much more in-depth than the first one, involving some tests to measure cornea depth (mine is below average) and pupil size (above average, which explains why I’m more sensitive to light than Jaime).  They tell me I’m a candidate for the procedure, but recommend getting the more expensive (but not most expensive) option.  That option is $2100 total for both eyes.  The cheaper option is still a possibility, but there’s more risk involved and still costs at least $1600 after surgery, drops and other expenses.

In the end, I simply can’t afford it.  Given my previous post on the subject, it may come as a surprise that I’m much more disappointed than I thought I’d be upon learning I won’t be having the surgery.  As much as I was afraid of the consequences, I was still looking forward to not wearing glasses anymore.  So I guess it’s off to the local eye-doctor for an appointment and new glasses.  Meh.


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