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Cross-Culture Ministry

Tim Stevens of LeadingSmart.com has a post up relating a story from their mission trip to India. He records the exchange between a Hindu child and an American adult:

Hindu Child: “What is your favorite food in America?”
American Adult: “I like to eat hamburgers.”

The response might have been, “I like to eat something you hold sacred.”

Now, I wasn’t there, so I don’t know what this person was thinking (or not, as the case may be). It may very well have been a truthful answer that was given without thinking. I mean, I like hamburgers too. But perhaps it’s not the best thing to say in that culture. When we minister in a foreign country, it’s important to be sensitive to the culture and try to communicate the Gospel in a way that would be relevant to them.

Sue recently wrote about the start of Advent. We are preparing to celebrate the birth of Jesus, the ultimate in cross-cultural ministry. God sought to bridge the gap and communicate in a way that we would understand. And so the Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us, to bring us salvation in a language we could understand. Praise God for His cross-cultural ministry to us! How might He use you in cross-cultural (or any) ministry this Advent season?


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