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Yes, But You’d Still Be Blind

Mark Batterson recently wrote about some quirky habits of his. In that same vein, one of mine came out at the office yesterday. Alicia is going to have Lasik eye surgery done in the near future. This started a long conversation about the process, including how they use a blade on your eye to cut back the cornea so they can zap it with a laser.

I wear glasses. I’m not thrilled about wearing glasses. I’d like to not wear glasses. But I have this thing about touching my eye… I just don’t like it. In fact, it makes me uncomfortable to even think about putting my finger in my eye. This is why I’ve never done the contacts thing.

Recently, however, my glasses broke while on the way to the Bills game. I was able to tape them up, but now I look a little like Harry Potter with my taped glasses. I’ve never been extremely fashionable, but this pushes the limit even for me. When I mentioned the poor state of my glasses, Sue said:

Yea, I had noticed that.

So much for the fix going unnoticed!

Anyway, because of the cost of an eye appointment and new glasses, I am now considering the Lasik thing myself. My big fear (after a blade touching my eye) is that something will go wrong and I’ll be blind for life. Alicia assures me that even if that does happen, I could sue and get lots of money. Sue’s response to this? The title of this post.

In the end, it’s all about a somewhat irrational fear that keeps me from doing the surgery. I know that it’s unlikely to happen as I know many people personally who have had the surgery and came out fine. In the face of all this, I still have this fear. I’m thankful for God’s Word that says we have received a spirit that frees us from fear. Like many fears in life, they are defeated with God’s help and baby steps. My first step is on Monday as I visit with a doctor to learn more and see if I’m even able to do it (medically and financially). I’m still fearful, but I’m trusting God to guide me.


3 responses

  1. Jason,
    I am interested to hear what the doctors said! I have heard of 2 people who had problems with Lasik! I cannot bring myself to risk it. I have worn glasses since grade 2!
    Hey I am reading all you posts since I missed out.
    Love you,

    December 1, 2007 at 10:12 pm

  2. So far, Atwal has told me it’s ~2200 for both eyes done. I’m going to the Canadian place tomorrow to get an estimate. I’m hoping for half that in Canada. We’ll see tho.

    December 2, 2007 at 2:45 pm

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