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Give Thanks

With thanksgiving tomorrow, I continue to be thankful for so many things in my personal and professional life. Jaime and I will travel to Cleveland for Thanksgiving day, then on to Chicago for 2 days to visit her brother and my sister. When we lived in Katy, we weren’t able to see our family so often, so it’s great to be in a place where we’re able to do that. We’ll stay at my sister’s place in downtown Chicago, about 3 blocks from the famed Michigan Avenue.

Among other things, I’m also thankful for our youth. When I checked my office mailbox this morning, I found a nice note from Pastor Carl thanking our youth. Not only did our youth have a great time at the Road Rally, but those who were the recipients of the service appreciated it and enjoyed having the youth there as well. It’s a great example of the Body of Christ at work.

What are you thankful for this thanksgiving?


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