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56 Minutes

That’s how long it took the Buffalo Bills to force a punt in the Sunday Night Football debacle against the New England Patriots.  Art Schaefer passed his tickets along to Pastor, who gave them to me.  I had never been to a Bills (or any other) regular season pro-football game before last night.  I went with Chris Hartnett, a friend from my awesome life group.

Somewhere around half-time, we realized that the Patriots hadn’t punted yet, which would explain the 35-7 score on the JumboTron.  26 game minutes into the 2nd half, the Bills defense finally forced a punt after giving up about 45 yards on the drive.  Sure, it took the 2nd team, junior varsity Patriot offense to get the punt, but it’s the small victories that you look for against the Pats.

Overall, I had a great time at my first Bills game despite the score, the temperature (~25) and the “obnoxious, combative and drunk” fans we were warned about during the game by the PA announcer.  Not the best environment, but still a good time.   I’ll also get to say that I saw the great 19-0 New England Patriots in person someday.  The taped message from Kevin Everett was also great to see.


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