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We Now Resume Our Regularly Scheduled Broadcast

After some early struggles with the recording process, we have finally re-started the Cornerstone Podcast.  To hear what we talk about each night at Cornerstone, tune into the podcast for automatic updates.  There are number of ways to do this:

  •  Apple‘s iTunes: Inside the iTunes Music Store, just do a search for “jason christ cornerstone” and it will show up.  Click the subscribe button and you’re all set.
  • Google‘s Reader: Click the “add feed” button and enter: “feeds.feedburner.com/ftcornerstone”

For even more options, check our our feed in your web browser.

One fun story about the Podcast:
Each night at Cornerstone, we record the audio of our teaching time so that students and parents can listen to it later.  It’s helpful if people miss a class or just want to hear it again.  It’s even going to allow us to continue the confirmation process with one of our youth who is moving out of town soon.  She’ll be able to finish up the Confirmation instruction online and then come back to be confirmed with her class.  Fun stuff!


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