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CHAT With God

There are many ways we can pray to God.  One that we teach around here is the ACTS model of prayer:

  • Adoration: Tell God how great He is.
  • Confession: Tell God how awful we are.
  • Thanksgiving: Give God thanks for the blessings He gives us, including forgiveness for stuff in “C” above.
  • Supplication: Ask God for ___.

Darcy called me into the 7th/8th Grade Sunday School room this past week to show me their new prayer wall.  I had told her she could redecorate the room however they wanted, so long as it didn’t involve dark colored paint that would be difficult to undo as part of our coming renovation project.  She added butcher paper to one wall for prayer requests with the acronym CHAT:

  • Confess: Tell God our sins
  • Honor: Tell God He’s great
  • Ask: Make requests of God
  • Thank: Thank Him for blessings in our lives

I probably prefer the ACTS model from a theological view, but the CHAT model, largely because of the name, is a constant reminder to our youth to pray.  Ultimately, the order you do these things is not important, but that you pray on a regular basis.  It’s all about encountering God daily in His Word and through prayer and being transformed by Him.

What other models have you seen?  What works for you in your prayer life?


One response

  1. Sue Steege

    That Darcy Fesmire! She’s got it goin’ on! I love the adaption because I think it’s a great idea to find several different ways to say the same (good) thing. I looked at the wall and I think it’s awesome. If you haven’t been down in Faith (the basement) in a long time–take a look!

    October 30, 2007 at 6:13 pm

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