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Things I Love About Our Youth

We had a great night at Cornerstone this evening, even though the kids were a bit more chatty than usual.  They were probably just excited about the Indians game tonight…

Anyway, in the past week, here are a few of things I’ve noticed about our youth that are really awesome:

  • At our recent Corn Maze event, there were probably 10 youth who brought friends.  Almost a third of all the youth participants were friends of our youth who don’t regularly go to our church.
  • Also at the Corn Maze, a youth who has not been the most regular attender until recently asked another youth if they had anyone to walk around with at the maze.  When the 2nd youth said no, the 1st invited her to come along with them.  It was a great thing, but even greater because the 1st youth had brought a friend and could have easily just hung out with her friend.
  • At the Crossroads Bonfire, Kelsey drew SaraLynne into the group.  It wasn’t forced, it wasn’t awkward, it was just plain great.
  • At Cornerstone this evening, I got to spend a few minutes with the 8th Grade Girls small group.  I’ve nick-named them the "more bars in more places" group because of an group picture we took at the beginning of the year.  Anyway, Laura and Katie in that group always have great questions, as do most of the kids in the group.  They had several this evening so I sat with them for about 5 minutes and talked about them.  Lots of fun.

There are lots of other reasons why I love our youth, but it’s been an exceptionally good 8 days with them!


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